All new Ottawa spotters feature Maximizer™ technology that will save your business money. Once again, Ottawa leads the market in innovation. Learn why.

As a Premier Ottawa Truck dealer, we have an extensive inventory of trailer movers for sale. Our inventory includes both new and used units. Units are available for use either on or off highway. On-highway trucks have the necessary safety equipment to meet DOT/EPA requirements for use on public roads. We can custom order options for your yard truck or special equipment such as trailers or dump bodies to meet any specific requirement.

Ottawas are driver-friendly. These trucks are highly maneuverable thanks to their sharp turning radius. The cab features power steering, automatic gear shifting, and maximum visibility. The sliding rear door allows rapid connection of air lines without leaving the truck. The elevating fifth wheel eliminates the need to raise the landing gear. Logistic-specific design allows the driver to be more productive.

Ottawas are business-friendly. These trucks are easier to maintain because the frame rails are designed with pre-punched holes allowing options to be bolted to the frame in lieu of being welded. This extends the life of the truck by eliminating fatigue to the chassis. Ottawa is the sole manufacturer that pre-forms their chassis frame rails from steel plate. These features provide your business with lower operating costs.

Ottawas are bottom-line friendly thanks to the increased productivity and reduced operating costs. When it comes to trailer handling, why take a chance on anything less?

Call Donald Lawrence, our Vice President of Sales, at (530) 661-6777 to discuss your needs.

Cresilda Jong, our Vice President, is also available to assist you.